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welcome to our shores

Our mission is simple - We want our products to help you celebrate the life, leisure and latitude of classic new england style

We design beautifully crafted products that can be made into one-of-a-kind pieces with a personalized monogram. Our design aesthetic reflects the sophistication and charm of the preppy southern New England shores where our company is located.

life, leisure + latitude of classic New England Style.

Our New England inspired collections add a little pop of prep to any occasion. Whether you're looking to accessorize your look, your home, or your event, our designs offer a classic look with a modern twist. Personalizing with your monogram adds the extra finishing touch.  

From bright and bold colors and motifs, to signature madras and stripes; every product is designed to pop, prep + repeat! And we are proud to design and make everything in our studio in Greenwich CT, USA.

new england inspiration